Remaining steadfast in your efforts, even when it feels like nothing is happening.

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I’ve had many times in my life and career where I have been pushing full steam ahead. Sometimes the results I get are automatic, and sometimes it feels like the more I push, the less happens.

So…how do you find a balance in your work? How do you hold onto your dreams even when you feel like nothing is happening? 

I like to use the example of a crock pot.

Let’s say you are making a stew.

You throw all of your ingredients in…your spices, vegetables, protein, and you put a cover of the top.

Then you set a timer for 8 hours.

For 8 hours the stew cooks, without you even having to be in the room. You don’t even have to stir or make any adjustments.

You wait. The stew isn’t on your mind. You are on to something else as the stew cooks.

You don’t worry about the stew. You just let it happen. You might make minor adjustments with salt and pepper, but only to improve the stew. 

Of course, career and stew is quite different. But the lesson here is letting it be. Putting in your effort, putting the ingredients in the pot, and then letting the universe do the work.  Make adjustments where necessary, and then step away. When the stew is done, reap the benefits! 

You can have your stew and eat it too.


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