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You chatted with a potential client on Facebook and asked them if they would like a free short coaching session with you. You make the appointment. You are excited about the prospect. 

The day rolls around and you get ready. Notebook out, paper, pen, this is gonna be good.

Then…5 minutes roll by…10 minutes roll by…15 minutes roll by.

You realize that they are a no show.

You send them a follow up email.

Days pass…weeks pass.

And no response. 

What a let down. 

Here’s the thing…lots of coaches will let this get to them big time and this usually leads to inaction leaving you with not setting up more calls. 

You might consider letting it go and reframing the experience that they were not the client for you. 

Remember that friend you had a few years ago? You would make plans to go out to lunch with them…and then they would cancel on you every time?

You realized they weren’t worth your time, so you stopped reaching out and the friendship fizzled out.

Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about why someone doesn’t show up in your life. 

Show up in your own life and in those people’s lives that matter most you.


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