Comparison wall

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Comparing yourself to others…

“Oh look how well she is doing in her business, if only I could…”

“Oh wow, I wish I had what he has…”

“If only I were as talented as…”

I don’t know about you…but when I go down that path it’s a super slippery slope. I end up feeling worse and less confident. It can become a HUGE pity party.

I’ve paid attention to this and when I catch myself comparing I use it as an opportunity to learn  something new about that person or the thing they are really good at. 

“Wow, I love that she uses that program in her business…I will try and implement that.”

“That quote is perfect, I think I will share that with my clients as well.”

“That’s a great idea! I will make a video of myself giving some tips to my email list!”

And the other option might be Venus Williams style…

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” 

What works for you?

Leave a comment and share your process when you feel like you are up against the comparison wall.


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