This past weekend our basement flooded

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A pipe broke and there was water everywhere!

It was a mess.

And everything was wet.

(The cats were very unhappy about this, and so was I.)

My husband, Michael, and I spent hours drying and getting everything off of the floor.

I angrily picked up boxes and kitty litter boxes. My sunday was ruined…

I had planned to read my book, go for a leisurely walk, cook a nice meal for Michael and I, and do some writing.

Wasn’t going to happen now.

As I was opening up the boxes that had some water damage, I found a photo album from when my kids were little.

I flipped through the pages and smiled. They grow up so fast!

In that moment, I realized, we make plans, right…but then life happens and what do we do in those moments…how do we react? 

My anger completely vanished. 

Michael put on Pandora radio and we laughed as we cleaned.

And, all of a sudden, we were done. I felt tired, but a good tired.

It was just a broken pipe, after all.

We ordered Thai food and watched Netflix. 

Taking care of business feels good…maybe not at first, or when we are in the thick of it.

We patted ourselves for getting the job done…while having fun.

And guess what?

There’s always next weekend:)


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