The Power of a 3 letter word: YES

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In our business we can get a lot of No’s. Sometimes they come in a row and feel like a storm has just rolled in. No fun. No. NO. No.

I find that when I get a lot of no’s, I make sure to sure to keep saying YES. 

“Hey Susan, want to go to that networking event for women on Thursday?”


“Hey Susan, I am having a party Saturday. Can you come?”


“Hey Susan, I would love to hear more about your group coaching program, can you fill me in?”


I don’t let the no’s bog me down, in any area of my life. I don’t blame my husband for a no I get at work. I don’t blame the world. It’s math.

Use your no’s as grenades of positive power. Cut through negativity with the sword of positive wisdom. Visualize what you want to happen in your business. Stay on track and the Yes’s will start showing up again. 

In your mind, mentally repeat, yes, yes, YES. 

Surrender to the YES and the YES will will come back to you.


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