Puppy Wisdom

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Over thinking can lead to inaction. 

My daughter recently got a new puppy, Arlo. She brought him to visit this summer. We played a lot. I noticed how he just took action, didn’t stop to think about getting the ball, but went for it.

Puppy’s are fully engrossed in the moment. 

And when they misbehave..we say “No! and then “good boy”

If you find yourself overthinking, try a simpler, easy way to stop.

Say “NO” 

out loud——

Wherever you are. 

In the car.

At the supermarket.

Watching TV.

Say “NO”


Mind chatter. Mind chatter. Mind chatter. “NO!”

Should I do a or b? “Choose Now!”

Then take the next small step and have as much fun as you can 


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