Yes you can

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When someone says you can’t…what do you do?

We’ve all had someone in our lives, or several people for that matter, who have told us “you can’t”. You can’t do this, you can’t do that…it’s not gonna work.

How do you react when a negative blast comes your way? 

Usually, I find, that when someone tells me I can’t, they are saying “I can’t”. Maybe they’ve tried in the past to make something work and were also told, “you can’t”. People constantly project their own fears and anxieties on us, and it can leave us wondering and questioning ourselves. 

What if we simply deflected the negativity with a shield of positivity? 

But how?

I like the nod and smile technique. When someone is trying to stop me or telling me “you can’t”…I simply nod and smile and listen. I don’t say much, I just give them my full attention. When they are done, I might say, that’s interesting that you feel that way. I don’t engage with the negativity. I just listen. And then…let it go…

Give it try the next time someone tells you, “you can’t”.


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