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Many years ago, when I first started the coaching business I felt a bit lost. I had been coming from years of being a therapist and needed some guidance. 

I did some research online about classes and coaches who could help me. I felt some resistance coming up. I didn’t want to spend money on this! I didn’t think I needed this. But in actuality, I did.

I decided to try a session with a business coach.

After the session, I evaluated how I was feeling. I felt listened to, understood, lighter & I had some steps to take – that I could take- that I understood…

I decided to work  with this  coach for a year and he helped & guided me get my business off of the ground and many years later I hired him again for two more years. This was the best investment I have ever made in my life. Hands down. 

What I realized was that in order for me to grow my business, I had to be willing to grow as well.  Are you willing to invest in YOU? Find more ways to grow by exploring the great free advice at

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