Taking imperfect action…

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I know so many coaches who put off taking action because they think it needs to be perfect…that’s a big mistake because there is no such thing as perfect. And waiting for perfect may keep you from ever putting yourself out there.

Yes, make it the best you know how.
Yes, put care into your creations.

But don’t sit on it until you make a few extra changes…or wait until your best friend gives you her opinion.

Don’t keep looking for the perfect graphic to go with your email.
Don’t sit on it because you need a new logo.

You don’t need any of it, but you do need to share with your tribe your big ideas.
You do need to connect with your clients and potential clients and that means…

You’ve got to take imperfect action.

Putting yourself out there is better than not sharing.

So hit the send button. Push ready to publish.

Get out of your own way and get out there. Here is a free tool to start: www.highlyprofitablepractice.com


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