Going Off The Grid

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I’m going away next month…

10 full days out of the country.

And, it’s the first time I am leaving the country in 8 years. In 2009 I traveled to Berlin. I didn’t bring my phone… I think I might have hopped on email one time from an internet café.

It’s different now. My business has grown- like mega grown and I’ve got clients who need me, need help, pm me, text me. I have opportunities that I’ve been working on that could come to fruition at any moment. But here’s the thing… I am craving going off the grid. Not checking my email…truly taking a break from my business; like sitting in a café and reading a book and walking through a museum and being in awe,  hearing little if no English for 10 full days.

And then, there is this: what’s going to happen if I’m not doing the care and feeding of my clients and prospects? What’s the solution?

Back up! YES. I’m going to reach out to my team. Set up A/R’s if you need help contact ___. Get someone to monitor and run my FB Group. I’m going to pick great people to do this for me and I’m going to bring them back lots of presents from my trip.

I’ve made decision that I am not going to work on my vacation. When was the last time you truly went off the grid and how did you handle it?


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