Gratefulness, Reflection & Heart Rate

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I have many coaches. They each provide a special kind of support and all together give me multiple perspectives on business, mindset and my personal life.

On Mondays for a year, I’ve been meeting with my friend Sharon. It’s a total of 30 minutes. 15 for her and 15 for me. We lay out our week’s plans and goals, ask a question that will help us move things along and sometimes even have enough time to gab. The specialness about these Mondays is that we always start with…

“What are you grateful for?”

I love how this sets up my week, as I look back on the weekend and reflect, or get present to the here and now to observe how truly blessed my life is. And, I listen to Sharon and witness her doing the same. This weekly practice actually slows down my heart beat!

I can feel myself relax into the thoughts as I get present to the question. I’d love to hear from you. When you ask the question to yourself what is the effect on your physical body?


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