Focus. No Monkeys. Focus.

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Focus. Focus. Do not think about monkeys when you are meditating. Focus. Focus. Monkeys. Why monkeys? No. stop. Focus.

Have you ever meditated? Maybe you have once or twice or you started and stopped or you have a daily practice that works for you. The funny thing about sitting still and doing nothing is that the mind doesn’t like that. The mind likes to think about anything but nothing.

The same for you and your business. You have a few items you’d like to focus on and then your phone dings, FB calls or your cat jumps in your lap.


The external world and your internal world WANT to pull you away from your focus.

It’s a WAR out there.
It’s a WAR in there.

Your job is to notice. And Refocus.

Exhausting? Maybe. Keep at it. It get’s easier.

If you could limit the external distractions, what would that look like?

Quiet room.
Doors shut.
Animals on the other side of the door. 
Phone silenced.
FB tab closed on your computer.
Clean Desk.
Set a timer for an hour.
Pick 3 things you want to knock off.

As I am writing this post, I’ve set a time for 1 hour. This is the 3rd post I’ve been able to complete. It’s REALLY a feat. I feel GREAT.

Try it and let me know.

Focus. No Monkeys. Focus.


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