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Learn the EXACT model Susan used
to sign up over 300 group coaching clients
Create, Design & Fill UP Your Group Coaching Program

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Create a real, profitable, simple, and scalable coaching business.


Be a part of a dynamic group of powerful coaches and experts, for accountability, strategy, connection, and support to build your dream coaching business.

High Profit Inner Circle

Included in this program are your own personal coach, twice-monthly high powered mastermind sessions, led by Susan, specialized sales training calls and VIP access to all live events. This is for you if you are a successful coach who wants to scale your business. 


High Profit Fast Track

Included in this program are your own personal coach, membership to the Powerful Experts Mastermind led by Susan's rockstar coaching team. You also get access to monthly sales training calls. This is for you if you're wanting to create your ideal coaching business.


Powerful Experts Mastermind

Included in this program are twice-monthly mastermind sessions and a monthly Ask the VA call for all your tech questions led by Susan's rockstar coaching team. This is for you if you are just getting started and/or you value community and being held accountable.


VIP Days & Retreats

Need personalized, one-on-one support? See the options below.

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Schedule your full-day or 1/2 Day VIP with Susan or one of her hand-picked coaches to take a deep dive into your business. You might create a business plan, map out a program and a strategy to fill it, or even clear your blocks and self-limiting beliefs. We kick it off with a prep call and follow it up with two laser coaching sessions.

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Automated Programs

Intensive online trainings to grow your coaching business.

Fast Revenue Group Coaching

This in-depth 8 module training shows you step-by-step how to create, design and fill up your group coaching program. You’ll also get easy to implement scripts and templates so you can get started right away.

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Sales Secrets For Coaches

Fill up your calendar with lots of prospects and increase your sign-up rate. Get access to in-depth trainings as well as a treasure chest of tools and scripts so that you always know what to say on an enrollment call. 

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Warm Up Your Ideal Clients System

Design and create your perfect opt-in freebie so you can easily attract your ideal clients and nurture your new prospects to turn them into paying clients. Fill in the blank templates are included with this program. 

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Rapid Results With Facebook

Discover how to create and design your Facebook group so that you can establish yourself as an expert in your coaching niche, keep engagement going and leverage your group to sign up your ideal clients. 

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Targeted trainings led by Susan to increase your ROI.

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Re-Focus Your Coaching Business

How to Re-Focus Your Coaching Business for Maximum Growth & Leverage. This training provides the strategies to get to the CORE of your business where the passion/love/giving/ & monetary rewards all come together in a beautiful design.

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 Online Program for Parents and Parenting Professionals.

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Mom Magic

Instantly be able to apply simple, effective techniques & strategies to turn all your child’s unwanted behaviors around quickly with long-lasting results. Uncover the daily struggles that are keeping your kids from behaving and keeping you from enjoying being their parent. Have the confidence, the expert know-how & ability to parent from a place of conscious intention… while enjoying your kids and creating wonderful memories for years to come. Each module dives into the biggest parenting challenges, giving you practical and ready-to-use-now tools.

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Business Coach, Mastermind Expert, and Author

Susan Epstein, LCSW grew her coaching business to multi-six figures in less than 10 months. She's perfected her group coaching model and now is known as the Queen of Groups & Masterminds. Susan coaches her clients to take consistent action, finding and focusing on their ONE THING and scaling to hit and exceed their business goals. Her style is straightforward, practical, caring, and supportive.





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