Promote the people you believe in

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I love helping my fellow coaches. I’ve done cross promotion emails, had guest expert speakers on my calls, and have done workshops with some amazing people.

We all have the opportunity to help our colleagues, and they can help us. Team up with someone who you believe in and believes in you. Cross promote each other through email and Facebook.

The cool thing is, you and the person you teamed up with are different people, you can be referral partners, do workshops together, help each other’s bus…

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The 5 people

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“Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self.” -Karen Salmansohn

They say that we are a cumulation of the 5 people we surround ourselves with most.

Take a look at the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Get clear about how you feel when you think about them and next time you are with one of them notice how you are feeling. 

If you are angry, upset, resentful, frustrated …

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How to get to Carnegie Hall

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You know the old joke? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? 
Practice, practice, practice…

What is something you want to get better at?

Do you do it daily?

Or does it feel impossible? 

Or, do you hear yourself say, maybe tomorrow?

Whatever your answer is, let’s remember what our dear friend Aristotle has to say: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


I mean, when you read it, it sounds easy, right? A walk in the park…

…But how do we create the habit…

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Starting Over

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“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.” 

—Guy Finley

You are over what you have been doing for 10 plus years. You feel like you are dragging your feet in the mud. And you want change. Now.

What do you have to do first?


In order to start over and move forward we have to make a decision. 

The decision is to decide to CHANGE.

I started over two years ago. I had been doing parenting coaching and health coaching for years and was starting to feel drained…

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Showing up

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Okay, you’ve made plans to go to networking meeting today at 2pm. You’ve got your outfit picked out, and you are going to talk to 5 people you don’t know.


1pm ...Okay, it’s here. Wait, do I really have to go? Do I really have to be social? I don’t want to dress up. It’s too much work. What if I don’t like anybody? What if people don’t like me? I could just stay home and work on my blog.

This happens to most business owners. And it’s completely normal. 

When you have your own business a…

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This past weekend our basement flooded

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A pipe broke and there was water everywhere!

It was a mess.

And everything was wet.

(The cats were very unhappy about this, and so was I.)

My husband, Michael, and I spent hours drying and getting everything off of the floor.

I angrily picked up boxes and kitty litter boxes. My sunday was ruined…

I had planned to read my book, go for a leisurely walk, cook a nice meal for Michael and I, and do some writing.

Wasn’t going to happen now.

As I was opening up the boxes that had some water dam…

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The voice inside

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You know when you are about to make a decision about something and hear a little voice inside?

Sometimes there is a voice on each shoulder. Remember the angel and devil in the cartoons? I like to see these two characters as fear and courage. 

When these two voices come at you and fight, who do you listen to?

I’ve gone both ways in my life. There have been times where I have listened to the fearful side, and stepped away from something I’ve wanted to do. And then there have been those courageo…

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The Power of a 3 letter word: YES

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In our business we can get a lot of No’s. Sometimes they come in a row and feel like a storm has just rolled in. No fun. No. NO. No.

I find that when I get a lot of no’s, I make sure to sure to keep saying YES. 

“Hey Susan, want to go to that networking event for women on Thursday?”


“Hey Susan, I am having a party Saturday. Can you come?”


“Hey Susan, I would love to hear more about your group coaching program, can you fill me in?”


I don’t let the no’s bog me …

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The magic of devotion

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What is your why? Another way to think about this is…What are you devoted to? 



Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

“Eleanor’s devotion to her husband”

synonyms: loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, constancy, commitment, adherence, allegiance, dedication


My why is helping my clients have ‘real and profitable’ businesses and spending time with my family.

I used to worry about the how’s. How I am going to find clients? When wil…

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Keeping the momentum

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“It’s not about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

—Rocky Balboa, Rocky

You are on a roll.

Just got 5 new clients for your group coaching program. Woo!

Then, all of a sudden, it stops.


What happened to “on a roll”?

You were hitting hard. Promoting and telling everyone about your program.

And now, nothing, it stopped, just like that. Crickets…

SO how do you keep moving when it all goes silent?

Here’s how: Still with your feet g…

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