Keep moving forward

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It’s been a slow week.

No new clients.


When this happens to me (and it happens to all of us)…

I have a plan…

I write. I write my blog, emails to my list and brainstorm ideas for the coming year.

Just last week, was one of those weeks and I wrote to my list.  And by 2pm I had a new client. She had been on my list for 5 years without ever buying anything!

Had I not had the slow week. I probably would have skipped the email. And I certainly wouldn’t have my new client…who by the w…

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Fear. Fear. Fear.

Fear is paralyzing. 

Fear is belittling.

Fear is sad.

Fear is stuck.

Fear is sweat.

Fear holds us back from our true potential.

What are some ways we can shake fear off?

First off, we can acknowledge our fears. Write them down. Look at them and accept that they live inside of us. As we observe these fears, we see that they are not us, they are just feelings, that have been created by chronic worries. As we see our fears, we can start breaking them down, and begin to h…

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Daily reminders

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What are your daily reminders?

I have 5

  1. I can do anything
  2. I am amazing
  3. Positivity is a choice
  4. I celebrate who I am
  5. I am prepared to succeed

I put these up on my office wall and look at them everyday. They remind me that attitude is everything and what I think effects how I act.

When I am in a situation that is challenging I repeat these over and over. They have become my daily affirmations. 

What are your daily reminders? Leave a comment and share.

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Beautiful Dreamer

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Do you remember day dreaming when you were a child? 

As adults, we forget to dream. Usually, fear or past failures get in the way of our imagination. We no longer wear the superhero cape of our 5 year old self.

Dreaming can be fun if you don’t worry about “how” the outcome.

Ex. I would love to go on vacation to Italy…I can smell the food, the sights are beautiful…I can imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany before my very eyes.

I don’t know how I will get there right now but I can dream it…


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Where is that purpose…

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“The Process is the Purpose”- Anna Halprin

You’ll find your purpose in the journey.

Why can’t we just enjoy it?

The process may feel overwhelming, clunky and impossible.

Try this:

Break down the process into steps:

Here’s my 4 week process for getting my FB Marketing calendar done for my Fast Track Coaching Program. 

Prepare  FB marketing calendar and posts leading to an offer for my Fast Track Coaching Program- to Fill UP your Groups & Masterminds. 

Daily actions:

  1. Create Idea bank
  2. R…

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Going within

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As coaches, we give a lot of ourselves. We listen, guide, help our clients find clarity and support our clients needs. This is a beautiful practice.

But what do we do for ourselves to replenish? If we are constantly giving, we must also learn to give to ourselves…to avoid burnout.

I love taking walks with my husband, Michael and our dog, Harpo. 

Yoga and meditation is a great way of replenishing. If you don’t have the time to join a class, checkout a youtube video. Do a 30 minute yoga class…

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​I love this quote

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“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”- Joe Namath

Have you ever noticed your body language when you are confident? I’m usually standing tall, expressing my words freely, smiling and my muscles are relaxed.

Have you ever noticed your body language when you are having fun? I’m usually standing tall, laughing, expressing freely, and my body is relaxed.

Have you ever noticed what you can achieve when you have confidence and are …

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You will feel at peace

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Respond less to negativity and you will feel at peace.

By not responding to someone else’s agitated state…I get to feel at peace.  

When someone is rude to you they are projecting their own life story upon  you. And you don’t need to take it personally or take it on physically. 

We can choose to respond calmly and thoughtfully with breath and ease. 

With grace and ease it’s possible will to turn another’s negativity into a gust of wind, only passing us by and dissolving into thin air. 


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Think left & think right

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“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” – Dr. Seuss


I bet you have hundreds, thousands… I know I do. Some of my ideas are GRAND and feel near impossible. The temptation is to toss the idea too soon because it feels too hard, too complex. 

What if it were possible for you to make it happen? 

If you got..


So…what are you going to try to this week and who’s going to help you?

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Needing to be right

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Recently, I was on the receiving end of someone needing to be right. I listened and didn’t take anything personally…I decided to understand that this where they were at and needed to prove something to me.

When it was my turn to speak, I told my opinion in a way that wasn’t threatening and the conversation calmed down. They ended up changing the subject and we had a nice time together.

The next time this happens to you …try this. You don’t have to take on anyone’s emotions or feelings. Just un…

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