Unplug and relax

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Media, is all around and  in every form. Phones, computers, TVs, 

24/7 noise, distraction, pulling you, vying for your attention.


When was the last time you heard NOTHING?

Taking a break from the constant in your face world can be when of the most rejuvenating exercises. 

Whether you are interested in meditation, yoga, walking in nature, making a home cooked meal, anything that brings us back to your physical self and helps center your breaths, can help you be MORE. 

Try it out…

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Slow and steady wins the race

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We all remember hearing this fable as a child. Slow and steady wins the race. –Aesop

Rushing has become the norm. We live in a society where instant gratification is rampant. This can lead to burn out and being disconnected to people and our purpose.  

I like to focus in on the word STEADY. 

Steady makes me think of balance, consistency,  practice, and repetition.

Think about a tree. 

Some trees take 20-30 years to grow to their full height. 

The growth is steady and takes time. 

Now thin…

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Spinning plates

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Do you ever feel like you’re spinning plates in your business?

I’ve been there.

My realization happened about 2 years ago… the dishes didn’t match the silver. I wasn’t getting anywhere, and my business was suffering because of this. 

So what did I do?

I got focused. 

I stripped away the activities that weren’t serving me anymore and optimized my time by 100%. 

I became clear on my ONE THING and put all of my energy towards it.

I have one plate now, and I am balancing it on my head.


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Remaining steadfast in your efforts, even when it feels like nothing is happening.

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I’ve had many times in my life and career where I have been pushing full steam ahead. Sometimes the results I get are automatic, and sometimes it feels like the more I push, the less happens.

So…how do you find a balance in your work? How do you hold onto your dreams even when you feel like nothing is happening? 

I like to use the example of a crock pot.

Let’s say you are making a stew.

You throw all of your ingredients in…your spices, vegetables, protein, and you put a cover of the top.


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What you do for yourself, you do for others

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The habit of  taking care of others can become something to hide behind. If you worry about other people constantly and put yourself last- what’s left for you?

I’ve watched my clients over the years fall into this trap. The problem is -it’s hard to pull away once you’ve committed. GUILT plays a major role. 

You might have been taught that putting you first is SELFISH. 

It’s not. It’s essential. What good are you to others if you are depleted, sick, tired and cranky? 

This is a good kind of s…

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To do more.

To be perfect.

To be more. 

Is really FEAR that you are lacking somehow. 

It can feel like a pressure cooker, ready to explode, on ourselves!

And it can feel like an endless cycle.

So try this…

I am doing everything I can, calmly all of the time. I have all the time I need. I can stop and take a breath. I have all the time I need. 

Say this to yourself when you feel the PRESSURE…and then release.

You will feel relief and so will the people around you.

Leave a comment and …

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Make time to unwind

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Going. going. going. going. Gone!

Does your week ever feel like this?

A flash before your eyes? A blur?

When I feel like my life has become a surreal painting and I can’t understand why there’s a man with an apple as a face, I stop, breathe, and take a moment.

As entrepreneurs it’s easy to get caught up in work from head to toe. 

The thought of taking a break,  a walk, or sitting in stillness for 5 minutes doesn’t feel available. 

I’ve been playing with this, blocking 30 minutes here and…

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#1 Question to ask yourself

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Is this the best use of my time, my talents and my abilities?

Every day, I ask myself…

How am I using my time?

Are my talents coming through my work?

Is this the best use of my abilities?

The answers that I get back are mind blowing. I actually catch myself going down that rabbit hole and prevent lots of distractions that could possibly derail me. 

What do you find?

Are there some changes that need to be made? 

How can you fire on all cylinders and feel good about the direction your busi…

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There is nothing permanent except change

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“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus

I love this quote.

Change is unknown, we can’t hold it on our hands, examine it or even change, change?

That’s tongue twister 😉

Accepting that change is the only permanent in our universe might be key to moving towards it. Knowing that nothing lasts forever can be a perspective that leads us to not worrying about the future.

Resisting change keeps us small and invisible. 

See where change takes you. Enjoy the ride, without resistance…

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Sometimes when we work for ourselves it’s hard to separate life from work. We can get up in working all the time and don’t give ourselves the proper time we need to relax and rejuvenate. 

This can leaves us feeling anxious, worried, tired and drained. 

Our productivity level starts to weaken and we don’t even feel like we have a chance to breathe.

Try this…

Stop whatever you are doing and take a few deep breaths. 

Shut down cell/computer for 5 minutes

This works because…sometimes to reco…

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