What you do today will help you tomorrow

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You keep putting it off.

Tomorrow…. I’ll do it

Tomorrow… I’ll pay that bill.

Tomorrow… I will go for a walk.

Tomorrow… I’ll organize my closet.

The problem is…everything around you keeps piling up & overwhelm sets in.

Now, something that seemed rather simple at the time, becomes a much bigger deal.

In situations like these, I talk to my future self.

“Future Susan, what would you like to have tomorrow? What would enable you to get more done tomorrow by what I can do today? How would you feel?”

Future Susan is always pretty gung-ho and on board.

Future Susan knows what’s going on.

I trust future Susan. 

She gets stuff done.

What do you say to your future self? Here's a free toolkit to help current you meet future you: www.highlyprofitablepractice.com


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