Make time to unwind

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Going. going. going. going. Gone!

Does your week ever feel like this?

A flash before your eyes? A blur?

When I feel like my life has become a surreal painting and I can’t understand why there’s a man with an apple as a face, I stop, breathe, and take a moment.

As entrepreneurs it’s easy to get caught up in work from head to toe. 

The thought of taking a break,  a walk, or sitting in stillness for 5 minutes doesn’t feel available. 

I’ve been playing with this, blocking 30 minutes here and there on my calendar and scheduling ‘ME’ time. When I walk away from my desk, get outside for a quick walk around the block, or grab a bite to eat away from my office- when I return – that’s where the magic of my newfound productivity lives. 

Share how you schedule your ME time…

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