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Fear. Fear. Fear.

Fear is paralyzing. 

Fear is belittling.

Fear is sad.

Fear is stuck.

Fear is sweat.

Fear holds us back from our true potential.

What are some ways we can shake fear off?

First off, we can acknowledge our fears. Write them down. Look at them and accept that they live inside of us. As we observe these fears, we see that they are not us, they are just feelings, that have been created by chronic worries. As we see our fears, we can start breaking them down, and begin to heal them one-by-one.

How can you flip your negative thoughts into positive thoughts? Ex. “I’ll never get enough people in my coaching group!” Flip to : “I am so excited to fill up my coaching group!”

Get excited! 

Nervous and excited are the same feeling if you learn to feel into the feeling and not feed the thoughts. Smile, instead of frowning…even if you have to force yourself. Find a mirror and lift those corners! See yourself smiling! Memorize that strong, happy, confident face staring back at you. 


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