Where is that purpose…

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“The Process is the Purpose”- Anna Halprin

You’ll find your purpose in the journey.

Why can’t we just enjoy it?

The process may feel overwhelming, clunky and impossible.

Try this:

Break down the process into steps:

Here’s my 4 week process for getting my FB Marketing calendar done for my Fast Track Coaching Program. 

Prepare  FB marketing calendar and posts leading to an offer for my Fast Track Coaching Program- to Fill UP your Groups & Masterminds. 

Daily actions:

  1. Create Idea bank
  2. Research group coaching for stats, trends, etc.
  3. Create folders  on mac for different topics
  4. Map out the launch
  5. Post everything in buffer for a 30 day promo

Each day for the next 2 weeks I’ll spend 20 minutes on these daily actions. And no more. I’ve done this before and I’ve reconnected with my purpose (the why I do what I do) and it feels so good. 

Celebrate the process. The Process is the Purpose.


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