Live in the yes and the yes will live in you

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“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ― Steve Maraboli

Your potential client didn’t follow through and book another call with you. You got another no.


We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all dwelled in it. We’ve all taken it personally.

Sometimes when someone says no, we think it us. Then our self confidence starts to waver and we put ourselves down with thoughts of inadequacy. 

It often can feel like a cycle. A slippery slope, that even when a little bit of energy is given in to the negative thoughts, it takes over our whole being.

But then, out of nowhere, we get a YES. Our thoughts change, the sky looks bluer, we smile. 

We remember when we felt hurt and rejected and brush it off. 

Then we get a no.

And the cycle starts over again.

The negative thoughts come back and feel like we haven’t made any progress. 

Anxiety, fear, self doubt reemerge and our energy is drained once again.

What if you could remove yourself from the cycle? What if you realized all of these emotions were a waste of energy and didn’t help you? What if you  guided your energy into finding more ways to get YES’s instead of pondering your No’s?

What if you realized it wasn’t personal and something better and more suited for you was on the way? 

Live in the YES and the YES will live in you.


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