The voice inside

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You know when you are about to make a decision about something and hear a little voice inside?

Sometimes there is a voice on each shoulder. Remember the angel and devil in the cartoons? I like to see these two characters as fear and courage. 

When these two voices come at you and fight, who do you listen to?

I’ve gone both ways in my life. There have been times where I have listened to the fearful side, and stepped away from something I’ve wanted to do. And then there have been those courageous moments where I go for it, knowing that failure might happen. If you never try, you might not ever know success and failure is just a reminder and motivator for us to keep going. 

Lately, I’ve dusted off the fearful goblin on my shoulder and replaced him with Love. Love and courage go hand in hand, after all. 

What voice do you listen to?


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