Two tiny words

Image | Blog | Blank Image Thank You

Have you ever noticed when you have said thank you to someone, they light up?

First the smile…

Then the recognition… (Who me? Are you talking to me?)

When you say it to someone and really mean it…what does that do for you?

Those two tiny words hold so much LOVE. 

Practice saying thank you for what you have. 

Thank you for what you don’t have, and thank you to others. 

You can even say thank you for those painful, hard times, the ones that you thought you would never get through, thank you for the lesson. 

And of course…Thank you for the chocolate. Way high on my list!

Thank you for reading this entry, being a part of my community, and showing up today for all the people in your life. 



P.S. What are you thankful for? Leave a comment and tell me : )


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