Should you create webinars, online programs, or a group coaching program?

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The truth is that creating a group coaching program has little if no investment.

Here’s what you need…

  • A zoom account (this is your only cost $15 per month)
  • A closed FB group for them to connect in between the calls (and you can store the replays, documents, etc. there as well for your membership)
  • An email invitation
  • Friends on FB or LinkedIn

You will make lots of money month after month and have a huge impact on lots of people.

  • On the other hand doing a webinar, you’ll need…
  • An opt in page (lead page) — pay someone to create it
  • A thank you page — pay someone to create it
  • Email campaigns — your time
  • Reminder emails — your time and upkeep or a VA
  • A platform to deliver the webinar
  • An offer – create and sell after you teach
  • A payment button

You may sell a few programs. You may not. You may lose money.

What do you think your best bet is?

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