Difficult Conversations…don’t have to BE

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You want to say it. You rehearse it in your head for days. You push it away. AGAIN.
And then…you have another terrible experience and the pressure starts mounting. You can feel it in your chest and in your heart. It’s consuming you…literally eating you UP. By the time you are ready to have this DIFFICULT CONVERSATION…it isn’t DIFFICULT anymore. It’s now a MOUNTAIN, like Everest or a marathon with an obstacle course…or even like jumping off the highest ski jump in the world. Your mind, your worries has increased the stakes and they may feel insurmountable.

What if you had a template that you could use right away that made it easy to have those conversations and instead of mountains they were like a ramp that got you easily to peace and understanding?

Check this out:

• Come from a place of love stating your intentions.
• Map out what you’ve noticed.
• Ask for do differently.
• Negotiate what’s possible
• Set a time to check in to see how it’s working.

Let me know how this works for you.


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