What YOU are focusing on may not be what needs your attention

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Are you wondering why you can’t figure out how have a successful coaching biz?
It might be because you are focusing on actions that won’t give you an ROI.

This is what I know if you aren’t making 6-figures yet, YOU don’t need:

• Bells and Whistles Web Site
• $1000 head shots
• Branding
• Lead Gen Programs
• Expensive enrollment trainings
• More certifications

What YOU do need:

• A way to engage prospects on social media
• A way to invite these prospects to have a conversation with you
• An opt in page that converts
• An engaging hot freebie
• A nurturing email sequence that keeps your new opt-ins wanting more
• A pilot group coaching program that has open enrollment

What is your focus and how is it going? Please leave a comment below.


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