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You know what makes me want to scream? My potential clients that tell me that have to create a website, fix the website, scrap their website and start over AND they’ve paid thousands or are willing to pay thousands to get it done.


They truly believe that someone is going to find it… read all about THEM… and hire them to be their coach.

NEWS FLASH! It doesn’t work that way… ANYMORE…

Here’s why…

There are billions of sites…
And if you want people to visit yours, you have to drive traffic to it. It’s not like it was 15 years ago where a simple Google search would match you up with the perfect opportunity.

You will not be seen unless you pay big bucks… and that’s a rabbit hole that will quickly drive you into debt and despair.

What’s the solution?

• A one page opt-in page with a super cool resource that you can give for free in exchange for their email
• Nurture your contacts for 30-60 days with content rich help to solve real problems that they have… (start a relationship with these folks)
• Create partnerships and ask others in your industry to promote you and promote them back (for your freebies)
• Get coaching/mentoring/support from someone who can help you get the outcome you want…CLIENTS

• Don’t sell to them for at least 30 days- they will for sure unsubscribe
• Don’t spend money on SEO until you are making well over 6 figures…and maybe don’t unless you really know what you are doing
• And do not have all about YOU on your one page opt in page
• Waste money on branding… NO one really CARES

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