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I love my vision board, I love my messages from the Universe, I love my meditation. And… these are the keys to my mood, my strength, my raison d’etre.

In fact, when I sprinkle these all over my marketing materials, it’s like the most potent fairy dust around and all the messages I send out sparkle like Glinda’s Fairy Wand.


Figure out your marketing style and then put your own dose of fairy dust on top…

And you will soar.

Think about who’s in your inbox. Who are you attracted to?

Who do you buy from?

Do you adore promises of transformation?

Do you prefer… give me the steps 1 by 1 tell me how to do it and I’m sold?

Once you know, practice by marketing in that style. See how it lands with your audience. And keep tweaking and changing and studying.

Then… like I said in the beginning…

Take time to stay positive.

Do the inner work and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. Here is a free tool to help you attract even more clients: www.highlyprofitablepractice.com


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