When it’s only about the money…

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You are on a client enrollment call and you make the offer.  It’s been a draining, difficult and NOT FUN call.

And you know that… deep down in your gut.

You are thinking to yourself… “I really don’t want to work with this person. They are draining. They’ve already made 10 demands on me and we haven’t even started.

My intuition is screaming at me…


BUT… you take their credit card, book their first session. And you are HAPPY. And You are feeling QUEASY. And you are feeling RICH. And you are feeling that they will be the WORST client you’ve ever had. And you tell yourself that you CAN  DO IT.

And then the ‘not fun begins.

The long and short of it – if it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.

If you don’t listen to your own intuition, it will bite you in the butt.

I’ve been there because I got seduced into the $$$. And that’s desperation. I can tell you from experience – don’t work with people you aren’t supposed to work with.

It’s not worth it.
It rarely goes well.
You’ll end up refunding them.
They’ll do a charge back.
They’ll email you constantly and drive you bananas.
They’ll tell you aren’t enough.
They’ll tell you they can’t pay their monthly payment.

And a whole lot more…

Trust. Your. Gut.


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