When Something Happens…

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So you’ve signed up for a program and you were all in and now you aren’t.

Kind of like when you signed up for the gym, or yoga classes, or a diet… You start out all gung ho…and then something HAPPENS.

You lose your why.
You lose your vision.
You lose your way.
You make excuses.
You get angry at yourself.
You get angry at others.
You act out.
You hide.

So not cool.

You are a victim.
I can call you that because I’ve been one, too.

Because the thing is… it’s damn hard to stay focused.
To follow through.
To finish what you started.

But I know that you are more than a victim. You are successful. You’ve completed plenty of things in your life. And that’s the truth.

For starters…

You got out of bed this morning.

And that’s something.

And you are reading this.

And that’s something else.

Take a look at what you have… that you haven’t finished. Check in with why you committed in the first place.

Is that still important to you?
Then do it.

If that’s not important anymore. Then kill it. It’s okay. What’s not okay is feeling guilty and punishing yourself for that commitment in the first place.

What’s not okay, is not doing the actions for something you really want.


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