Oooh…I Need That…

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I know a lot of business owners that say yes and yes and yes. Sometimes it’s to self, sometimes to family and sometimes to new exciting business ideas. And that my friend, ‘the new exciting business idea’ is where it gets us into BIG trouble.

Here’s why. You’ve got a plan and you are doing it…and it’s working. And then you get BORED. So the next shiny object flies into view and you’re like… oooooh… I NEED THAT. Just this morning something flew into my inbox about a program that fills your calendar with prospects so you can book them on your calendar. I must admit it looked tempting. I read through the sales page… and quickly realized that this SYSTEM… would require bunches of modules, live calls, and even a LIVE EVENT to commit to – in order to be all in! So what I do, to assess if it’s a yes or a no… is…

Stop. Breathe. Wait. Get off the Sales Page. Wait. And ask myself is this a “Hell YES” ?

Then I thought, “Susan, you already have your own system that you created that fills up your calendar with more prospects to speak with than you can handle.”

This was clearly not a ‘Hell Yes’. In fact, it was a clear NO.

So, I deleted the email and got back to my bullet proof system, that I created, tinkered with, refined and now teach other coaches, therapists and healers how to do.

I said NO.

I don’t need another program.

Take a look at what you are saying yes and no to and how it’s affecting your business in how you spend money and how you spend time.


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