Your Kingdom, Castle & Mote

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For years, I did pretty much everything in my business. I wrote all the emails, created all the strategy, signed up all the clients, then coached all the clients. And I had a good business. I did have a VA but I never spent more than $500 a month for support. I prided myself in keeping my expenses down.

What I didn’t realize was that I was playing small. The writing was on the walls, though. My income never increased. Year after year, when I did my taxes, it was always the same gross and the same net.

And then, I made a decision to get more help. I hired an online business manager, copy writer, coaches to coach my clients and increased my VA services. It was super scary.

That was in Sept. 2016. What happened was magical. Just did my taxes…AND I tripled my income. BAM.

So…my advice to you is to…

Build a powerful team and delegate to them.

Your team, is like your mote. They protect the waters that surround the castle – business you have built. They open the gate, let the people in and keep you strong and supported in all of your endeavors.

You don’t have to do it yourself… delegation is a beautiful skill, an art and you can have the team that understands and relays your information to the world.

Build. Delegate.


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