Keep It Real…Tell the Truth

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I've been thinking a lot of about truth and how we tell it or not. And I always put my thoughts
through my business lens.

This is what I hear…
"I'll work with you when I finish this other program I bought."

My response…

"How is this program helping you sign up all the clients you want?"

Their response…

"Well, it's not, but I bought it and I have to finish it."

THIS DOES NOT make one iota of sense to me. How can continuing to do something that isn't working make any sense at all?

If you ever thought this or said this… then… you are a liar!

Hey, I'm not calling you a name… but I am calling you out.

The truth is you are brilliant, funny, powerful and AMAZING!

I know! It's scary to put yourself out there and have a real and profitable business. It feels easier to bury yourself in a program or stay with a coach that's not a fit.

(These are old messages we were told as kids…"You made your bed; now lie in it." "You wanted to be on the team… no quitting".)

And… it sounds so super ADULT & responsible to say you have to finish something you started. BUT it's not logical.

The truth is (and you already know it) none of this will move your forward.

What it will do is… Drain your power. Make you feel stupid. Eat away at your confidence. And destroy relationships. Ouch!

If you aren't signing up lots of clients, selling lots of programs…

Tell the truth. Get Real.

If you've invested lots of moola and don't have a real and profitable business.

Tell the truth. Get Real.

Do you want a business? Then Tell The Truth. Get Real. Get Help.

Once you admit it… and surrender to it… that's when the magic happens.


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