Proactive- what it really means

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adjective: proactive; adjective: pro-active

1 (of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.“be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems”

2 synonyms:

3 enterprising, take-charge, energetic, driven, bold, dynamic, motivated, go-ahead “you need to be more proactive about the causes you care about”

I love the words above: energetic, dri…

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ahhh. Patience. Yes.


Patience. Patience. Patience.


How does the word ‘PATIENCE’’ make you feel?

Maybe you get angry at ‘patience’.

“I don’t want to wait!”

“I want it now!”

and other times you accept it.

“I am where I need to be right now”

“I breathe in patience, breathe out patience.”

Interesting, huh?

Same word, different reaction.

Your attitude defines the meaning you give words.


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Letting go of expectations

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Having expectations can often feel like over planning in our mind.


I’m looking forward to spending time with my partner when s/he gets home from work.

Partner gets home from work and is pretty quiet, not engaged and tired.

You might feel upset, rejected or even angry. 

You find out later s/he had a hard, long day at work.

Expecting someone to behave or act a certain way rarely turns out the way you want.

But you can…

Expect yourself to be great. 

To be a good listener, 

To be hel…

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Give more receive more

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The saying is as old as time.

The more we give, the more we get.

And as we give, the more we feel.

The more we feel, the more we want to give. 


Kind of a cool cycle, right?

And we don’t just have to give when it is seasonal, like around the holidays. Giving can happen every day.

Smile at someone.

Hold the door for someone.

Call up an old friend.

Give your family member a big hug.

As you give, thankfulness will fill your heart and the hearts of others.

How do you give? Leave a comm…

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Cloudy with a chance of clients

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When my kids were little I read them a book called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. A scientist invents a machine that can make food fall from the heavens… Meatballs raining down from the sky, tomato sauce, pasta for days. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could design a machine to get clients? Punch in a code and have them line up by the dozens?

Pretty yummy until the point of overload.

And that’s just it. 

What would you do with dozens of new clients falling into your lap. Are you ready? Do you…

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Challenge Yourself

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This is the perfect time to challenge yourself is when you aren’t in ACTION. 

When I feel like I am slumping into a state of boredom, confusion or agitation I do a crossword puzzle, read poetry or go for a walk.

It challenges my brain to think deeper, brings me to the moment and energizes me. Waking up our brains can inspire us and give us ideas about unrelated topics to the moment that we are in, moments later.

How about that messy bookshelf in the corner that’s been that way for months? Org…

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Best Morning Ever

Are you excited when you wake up in the morning?

Do you wake up thinking, wow…I have so much to do today…for myself…and my family…and my business! I can’t wait!!!

I sure hope you do.

I spent years waking up to a job I didn’t like and it was so hard to stay motivated.

That’s why starting my own business changed everything in ALL areas of my life.

I took on responsibility, on my own, even when I was scared. I was ready to make my mark in the world and make a difference. 

Now when I wake up…

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Writing for your business

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As entrepreneurs we all know the ebbs and flows of business. Sometimes there is so much work to be done and it’s overwhelming.

And then there are those times when it feels like nothing is happening at all and boredom shows up. 

Balancing these days and weeks takes practice, patience & persistence. 

Writing can fill the not so busy times. And can save you time when you are busy if you write ahead. That’s what I do.

Leave a comment and share.

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Staying on track

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I love making lists. 

I start with the most important task and write EVERYTHING down.


  1. Post in my coaching FB group
  2. Video for Mastermind
  3. Private Messages
  4. Follow up calls



This helps me to stay on track and not get overwhelmed by everything I have to do.

I find that breaking work down into small bite size chunks is more productive and also fun.

I love crossing off a task when it is done.

Small accomplishments during the day add up to a big celebrations by 5 pm!


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What you do today will help you tomorrow

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You keep putting it off.

Tomorrow…. I’ll do it

Tomorrow… I’ll pay that bill.

Tomorrow… I will go for a walk.

Tomorrow… I’ll organize my closet.

The problem is…everything around you keeps piling up & overwhelm sets in.

Now, something that seemed rather simple at the time, becomes a much bigger deal.

In situations like these, I talk to my future self.

“Future Susan, what would you like to have tomorrow? What would enable you to get more done tomorrow by what I can do today? How would you f…

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