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Meet Susan Epstein

Business Coach, Mastermind Expert, and Author

Susan Epstein, grew her coaching business to multi-six figures in less than 10 months. She created the Highly Profitable Practice Fast Revenue Group Coaching Model and is known globally as the Queen of Groups & Masterminds. Susan coaches and teaches her clients to master sales and scale to six figures and beyond. Her style is straightforward, practical, caring, and supportive.

Mission Statement

 Susan is committed to creating an environment where women have financial power and freedom to support themselves and build the retirement lifestyle that they deserve.

We provide business coaching and training for coaches around sales psychology, mindset and how leverage time with groups and masterminds. Our programs are delivered through one-one-mentoring, group coaching and masterminds. 

By becoming a part of Susan's Highly Profitable Practice community, you can expect to be met where you are in business and life. Susan and her hand selected team's personal touch and understanding of business provides clients with a nurturing, loving environment to grow a highly profitable coaching business. Susan not only over delivers, she constantly pulls back the curtain of her own business to share what really works and what doesn't. She tells the truth!

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Susan Epstein, LCSW is a business coach and strategist working with coaches, therapists and healers to fill their practices and then leverage their time. She does this by offering, Masterclasses, Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs and Individual Coaching.

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Susan's focus audience is women over 50 who have transitioned or are currently transitioning to coaching from a former career. She and her team deliver coaching and training that results in her clients growing and scaling their online coaching business. leveraging their time and making a huge impact on the world. We also attract heart-centered men. 

  • Susan Epstein

    “I was in a rut- couldn't afford to stop working at my job and had no time to develop my coaching business. Susan designed a personalized program of transitioning businesses without losing money. It worked!”


  • Susan Epstein

    “Susan, I have closed 100% of the prospects that I’ve spoken to. I’ve added five people to my group and a new coaching client. That’s $12,285 in new income in 10 days. Talk about ROI!”


  • Susan Epstein

    “Before I started working with Susan I had no idea how to consistently get clients. Susan gave me a system to attract and retain clients so I now have monthly revenue, which has totally transformed my business and my life.”


  • Susan Epstein

    “I’ve spent over $60,000 on different coaches in the past. Your style and what you teach, is the only thing that makes sense and is ethical. It’s like, I am in love. You over deliver every single time.”


  • Susan Epstein

    “I have used Susan's approach to get prospects to enroll. I am so grateful to learn from her wisdom and love her support! I have hugely increased my income and helped more people than I thought possible. ”


To schedule a call with Susan please email: and include the product or service, the website, and what you envision for the collaboration.

Please allow 24 hours for a reply Monday - Friday. We are so excited to team up with you!

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